Commons Touch - The Interact Club

It is always inspiring to see young people getting involved in good work so it was a real pleasure to attend the inaugural meeting of the Norton Knatchbull School’s Interact Group, and to see how many students there have signed up to it.

The Interact Club will raise money for national and international charities, and this year the Norton Knatchbull group will be concentrating on the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Mongolian Street Children Charity. The Teenage Cancer Trust provides 28 world-class specialist facilities in hospitals across the UK, providing children with a home away from home as they receive their treatment. The Mongolian Charity raises money to get children off the streets in a country where temperatures can reach 40 degrees in the day and minus 30 at night.

The club has been formed in partnership with the Ashford Rotary Club, which of course has a good deal of expertise in fundraising for charity. Over the past few months staff and students at Norton Knatchbull have been tireless in encouraging volunteers to come forward and provide ideas which will raise money.

So far there are about 25 students signed up to the Group, with a wide variety of ideas for making money. These include a sponsored sky-dive, the Three Peaks Challenge, a battle of the bands night, and others. Naturally the benefits of the group are not restricted to the charities who benefit, but also to the students involved. They will learn about planning events, team work, and will enhance their cultural and social awareness.

Those involved in the Group are determined that it should not be one of these school ideas that dies out when the original members leave the school. They are involving students throughout the school in the hope that when they come back in the years to come they will still find it flourishing.

Norton Knatchbull has for many years had a good reputation for charitable giving and being involved in a positive way with the wider community. The Interact Group will only add to that in the years ahead. The link with the very active and successful Ashford Rotary Club (I should declare an interest as an Honorary Member) will also help sustain the Interact Group. I hope it achieves its aim for this year, and for many years to come.