Our Man - Ashford Snowdogs

Like everyone else I have been bowled over by the sheer number of Snowdogs that I come across around Ashford at the moment. On a sunny September afternoon the ones in the Memorial Gardens look particularly good.

My real favourite is the one outside St Mary’s Church in the centre of town, for the special reason that I hope it acts as an extra draw for my Over 50s Fair, which is taking place at St Mary’s from 9.30am to Mid-day this Friday, September 21st.

We have 35 separate organisations coming to the Fair, ranging from those who offer jobs to older workers, to those who deal with health and well-being, as well as benefit issues. We have sports clubs as well as organisations for those with an interest in the countryside and environment, voluntary groups in the charity sector, and some of the major public services.

The sheer range of those who want to take part is a sign of how varied life is for over 50s these days. For many people the old feeling that you are winding down at this point has gone. Indeed there is an increasing amount of evidence that the more active you are in later life, whether with work or voluntary activity, the happier and healthier you are.

The size of the Fair also shows how many organisations we have locally that cater for this age group. The voluntary sector is vibrant in Ashford, so it is not surprising that this growing age group is well catered for.

I hope that there will be something for everyone over the age of 50, even a Snowdog, although to be honest I am not clear about how long Snowdogs live! For mere humans, I am sure there will be something to interest you.