Commons Touch - The launch of the Rolvenden Rocket

This week I want to pay tribute to two examples of the excellent voluntary spirit that exists in the Ashford Borough, allowing people to improve the lives of others in their own spare time.

Our Man - Ashford's New Truckstop

The decision by Ashford Borough Council to approve the plans to develop the Waterbrook site near Junction 10 is one of the most significant taken by the planning committee in recent years.

Our Man - Farming in Kent

The Kent Show is always fascinating as well as fun, and this year in particular the debate about how farming will thrive after Brexit made it especially pertinent.

Commons Touch - 70 Years of the NHS

For some years one of the permanent issues which has been rumbling in the background without ever quite grabbing the headlines has been mental health.

Our Man - Planning and Developments

Planning is at the forefront of many people’s thoughts at the moment, both locally as we move to the final stages of the preparation of Ashford’s Local Plan, and nationally as the Government ponders changes to the National Planning Policy Framework.

Commons Touch - Supporting local businesses and road works

Taking the temperature of local business is always interesting and important, and at this delicate time for the national economy it is particularly relevant. So one of my regular business breakfasts organised by the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce was very timely last Friday.

Our Man - Social Care and Housing

The recent event at Farrow Court, the excellent housing complex run for older people by Ashford Borough Council, illustrates what can be done when you treat housing not just as an important police area in itself, but as a key which can unlock the door to other desirable outcomes.