Our Man - Brexit and the M20

The delay in the Brexit departure date means that the emergency measures on the M20 can be taken off—or does it?

Our Man - Celebrating English Tourism Week 2019

As we huddle together for warmth while the April rain falls it may seem odd to be celebrating English Tourism Week, but this is a vital industry for all of us and it is good to mark the start of the season.

Our Man - an update about Healthwatch Kent

Even at times like this the NHS is never far from the headlines. So it is a little surprising that the body charged with collecting patient experiences and conveying them to the various parts of the NHS is not better known.

Our Man - the good work of charites

Many charities organise events in the House of Commons to publicise their cause. Often the most useful part of this for me is obtaining the local facts and figures which illustrate how Ashford compares with the rest of the country.

Our Man - My support for Brexit

One of the insights I gain from the increasingly heated debate on Brexit is that this has become a rare political issue which engages people across the board. Usually when people in Ashford talk to me in supermarkets or on the street it is about personal issues for them.

Ashford MP Damian Green hosts Jobs Fair

 Damian Green, MP for Ashford, will be hosting his Jobs Fair in Ashford at the Ashford College on Friday, 21st February 2012 from 10am till 1pm.