Our Man - An update

It is very good to be back in this space, now that we have started the journey back to normality with Covid. There is of course a long way to go and many people are still suffering badly, but at least it is good to be able to return to the shops and high streets.

Covid-19 Update for Ashford

All of our lives have been turned upside down in the past few weeks. Rightly, we are regularly applauding the efforts of medical staff and other front-line workers as they do the absolutely essential work to keep us safe, healthy, and fed.

Our Man in Westminster - COVID 19

Coronavirus has quickly and terribly become the only topic anyone wants to talk about. The situation is so fast-moving that in a column like this, which you may be reading a few days after it was written, all I can sensibly do is point you to the best sources of information.