Welcome to my website. I am proud to have been elected to represent more than 80,000 residents of Ashford, Tenterden and the surrounding villages. I live in Charing and am involved with organisations and local matters in all parts of the constituency.
Damian Green MP

Damian Green, A Strong Voice for Ashford and the surrounding villages


I am delighted by the chance to put myself forward again to be the Conservative candidate for Ashford. At a time when the area is enjoying strong economic growth and the development of new education, transport and leisure facilities it is more important than ever that we have a strong and stable Government.

With the vital Brexit negotiations coming up every vote cast for Theresa May and the Conservatives will strengthen our hand. We have a one-off chance to hold an election while the EU agrees its negotiating position.

The choice on June 8th is a strong Government led by Theresa May, which I will be proud to support, or a weak and unstable coalition led by Jeremy Corbyn, propped up by Nicola Sturgeon and the Liberal Democrats.


As of the 3rd May Parliament will be dissolved so there will be no Members of Parliament until after the General Election.

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