Our Man - Supporting local businesses, and my views on Brexit

There has been a distinct shift in the wind in Ashford businesses’ attitude to Brexit in recent months. At the start of this year the real fear was of a No Deal exit, and all the potential difficulties that would cause. More recently the biggest problem has been the continuing uncertainty.

Our Man - Local Elections 2019

As today (Thursday) sees local elections take place, I want to take the opportunity to pay tribute to those who are standing from all parties.

Our Man - Brexit and the M20

The delay in the Brexit departure date means that the emergency measures on the M20 can be taken off—or does it?

Our Man - Celebrating English Tourism Week 2019

As we huddle together for warmth while the April rain falls it may seem odd to be celebrating English Tourism Week, but this is a vital industry for all of us and it is good to mark the start of the season.

Our Man - an update about Healthwatch Kent

Even at times like this the NHS is never far from the headlines. So it is a little surprising that the body charged with collecting patient experiences and conveying them to the various parts of the NHS is not better known.

Our Man - Celebrating the Ashford Jobs Fair 2019

Even days later I am still buzzing at the success of my Jobs Fair at Ashford College. We could only just about cram in all the employers and organisations who wanted to attract new recruits, despite taking all the public space on the first two floors.