Commons Touch - Celebrating Ashford

I attended two events last Saturday which in their own ways illustrate so much of what is good about our country and our area. At times when the world seems darker than ever it is important to remind ourselves about how much good we see around us.

Our Man - High-Speed Rail

Many people will have read with interest the recent report which showed that the high-speed rail service, which over the past ten years has been so vital for Ashford’s progress, adds about £73 million to the wider Kent economy.

Commons Touch - Ashford Volunteers Fair

One of the best features about Ashford has always been how many people are prepared to spend time and effort helping their neighbours, or even complete strangers.

Commons Touch - Breast Cancer

In the midst of all the controversies swirling around Westminster about Brexit and other matters it is important to remember some long-term issues which transcend politics.

Our Man - Ashford College

The next couple of weeks are a really exciting time for the future of education in Ashford. The first students are arriving to enrol at the new Ashford College, whose splendid building now dominates the view as you turn left out of the domestic side of the station.

Our Man - Ashford Access

One of the charities I have enjoyed being associated with for many years is Ashford Access, which has done a great job since it was formed twenty years ago. The Annual Meeting last week was the last in the current format of Ashford Access, so it is worth marking.

Our Man - The Kent Show

I have had the pleasure over the past week of attending two different events which I enjoy because they plug the modern world into history, showing the sense of continuity which is so strong here in Kent. The first was the Kent Show, and the second the annual civic service in Tenterden.

Commons Touch - An Update on Ashford

Last week I enjoyed one of my regular breakfasts with businesses in Ashford at the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce. Alongside the bacon rolls and coffee came a very wide-ranging discussion, which covered some new topics as well as the hardy perennials which often dominate.